Will Teach (for Travel)

The temptation to live abroad can be a strong one. Social media can provide a respite from the mundane day-to-day. Perhaps, you’re at a point where you need a career change? Maybe you’re seeing those Instagram feeds and you’re thinking it might be fabulous to live somewhere different for awhile. And the more you see these images, the more you may start to believe you can do this.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, it can take a little fearlessness and a lot of resources to move abroad.

And that reality only expands exponentially when you have a partner or other dependents.

For some, becoming an educator may seem like the easiest way to get abroad and still make money. The need for educators, especially from Western countries, has been extensive for decades and this has fueled the impression that just about anyone can get into the education game. However, the market is tightening up and the ease of becoming an international educator is changing. So before you start figuring out how you can get yourself to the next hot location, you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions.

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An (adult) third culture kid, Amanda’s interest in navigating multicultural environments started young. She is generally excited about all things related to higher education, travel, and cross cultural experiences. However, her love of mangoes, airport terminals and Makossa knows no bounds. She has lived in the United States, Cameroon and Qatar.



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