The Afro-Italian Voice of Johanne Affricot

Johanne Affricot is a woman comfortable with complex intersections. Her own identity has Caribbean and African roots but meshes with a distinct European flair.  Her work as founder and creative director of GRIOT magazine pushes the boundaries of social commentary with piercing artistic vision.  And even her latest video series, appropriately titled The Expats, follows […]

The Door of No Return

I’m tired of America. I’m tired of its baggage. I’m happy where I am. I didn’t like it. I don’t like it. I’m done with it.” –Randall Robinson There’s nothing easy about uprooting yourself from the only home you’ve known. A certain part of your being is permanently rooted in the soil you sprouted in. […]

The Globetrotters: Trina & Jeniece Lusk [Sharjah, United Arab Emirates]

Early in their relationship, Trina & Jeniece Lusk knew they wanted to see the world. However, it took a short move to Texas to reaffirm their commitment to living internationally. The Lusks discuss how this couple finally were able to go abroad, navigate two international moves and what it means to be an expat partner. […]

The Maiden Journeys

I was born in South Africa in 1983. In a township/ “ghetto” called Mamelodi (which means mother of melodies), fifteen kilometres east of the executive capital city of the country, Pretoria. I was born during a time when South Africa was facing international sanctions and just before the most repressive period of the apartheid regime […]